The Cloudkeys team

We are a greek based hospitality company, proudly welcoming visitors from all over the world since 2018. We are dedicated to providing sparkling clean and efficiently equipped apartments and committed to create a safe, pleasant and most of all well-planned experience to people coming to Athens for medical purposes.

Isn’t it time you felt nice during your special trip?

Ever found yourself in a strange city in need of a doctor and booked something online “just to sleep”? Our homes are not designed “just to sleep” but for everything more than that! Carefully designed homes with all your needs taken under consideration.
Whether you are visiting for an IVF treatment or for a planned surgery, let us spoil you! Your medical needs and wellness treatments shouldn’t have to be an ordeal!

Our core values


Inclusivity is a cornerstone of our team and company, as we’ve always warmly embraced visitors from diverse racial, religious, and sexual orientation backgrounds.


Commitment is a defining principle at CloudKeys. We adhere to a transparent and straightforward approach, ensuring that our promises match our delivery without any hidden fine print in the services we offer.

Personalised Guest Care

We prioritise a guest-centered experience, recognising that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, and adapt our apartments and services to cater to the unique needs of every guest.

Feels like home

With CloudKeys, you’re never alone, even when traveling solo. We create a secure environment tailored for those undergoing medical or aesthetic treatments, offering fully equipped and warmly decorated accommodations. Our services include:
  • Guest concierge available around the clock for all your needs
  • Variety of apartments for different accessibility requirements
  • Partnerships with credible companies, to provide access to doctors, post-treatment recovery, and wellness services
  • Explore the city with ease through our thoughtfully curated programs, including restaurant reservations, museum visits, entertainment center bookings, and transportation services
Each apartment’s page includes accessibility details so you will be able to choose your home according to your needs.

Redefining medical travel

Ever landed in an unfamiliar city, urgently in need of medical care, and settled for overpriced lodgings near hospitals that left you underwhelmed? Our apartments and services are designed to provide more than a mere place to stay! Whether you’re visiting for a complex IVF treatment or a scheduled surgery, let us pamper you with extraordinary care. Your medical necessities and well-being should never feel like a cumbersome process!

We expect kindness, generosity and honesty and that’s what we give back every day. To every single guest.

Our guiding principle is simple: Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Drawing from our extensive background in the hospitality industry, we recognise that guests will forever remember how you made them feel, and that’s what truly matters to us.
This same principle applies to the people we partner with, whether it’s our apartment cleaning team, drivers, nurses, doctors, or nutritionists – expect to be treated with
warmth, understanding, and generosity!