Thecloudkeys.rentals website (hereinafter “Site”) is owned and operated by Hospitality Services PC. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) and provides information on the company’s services as well as articles and related content related to tourism and short-term real estate leases.

This document is part of the company’s effort for transparency in transactions with users of the site and describes the company’s privacy policy and the collection of personal data by users and individuals legal or private law contracted with the company through any contract document or real estate lease.

The privacy policy is extremely important to the company and we urge users or parties to take some time to read it.

The company acting as Processor collects, stores, uses, and generally processes your personal data when you visit, register, or use the site as well as when dealing with its physical headquarters or the properties it has for rent.

This document lists how you use, disclose and protect your personal data, your personal data options, and how to contact us about issues concerning your personal data. For any questions regarding this document as well as any issues related to the processing of your Data and the exercise of your rights, you can contact the company via the contact form.


We collect three types of data directly or through third-party services: Non-personalized information from site visitors used for statistical analysis of site usage by visitors and tracking any problems to be repaired by the technical department of the company. This data contains information such as date, navigation software, individual web pages visited by the visitor, screen resolution, language, keypad settings, etc.

Personal data such as name, telephone, email, address, VAT number, ID number, the photocopy of ID card, passport number, etc. which are necessary for the provision of the company’s services and for their necessary and required submission to the tax authorities. Company data such as invoicing and document details, such as company name and registered office, VAT number, etc. . information necessary for the issuance of invoices and the conclusion of contracts.

Our company’s policy is to collect only the necessary personal data required by the tax authorities of Greece and by banking institutions for matters of transactions of the company with the users of its services. We do not store this information in our systems until it is sent to the tax authorities where necessary. If necessary, in case of legal problems or problems with transactions, we obtain this information from the tax authorities and any third-party companies that use the users of our services.


Through the use of the site and the voluntary sending of data through the contact forms and registration of real estate data.

Through third-party systems such as Google Analytics that record through cookies and other technologies anonymously the site traffic.

We also collect information provided by third-party websites used by users of our services, such as when booking a property for rent.

Examples of such websites are Booking.com, Airbnb, and Expedia. Personnel who come into personal contact with landlords receive very basic personal data such as first name and lease dates.


The company has a strict policy regarding the use of personal data. Stores only the personal data required by the tax authorities and the data that is absolutely necessary for the provision of services.

Contact details are used exclusively for requests from visitors or the company for real estate management, reservations, and support.

Anonymous data is used to upgrade the services and the site as well as their proper operation.

Personal data is used to provide services that users have chosen or requested, through the site or through third parties. They are also used to counter fraudulent actions of the company through the use of credit cards, as well as to protect the property of the company, its contract customers, and its staff.

In the case of real estate lease, we are obliged to keep the personal data for at least 6 months for any banking disputes that arise and therefore the company shares them with banks, tax authorities, and judicial / police principles. Also, if the lease has arisen from third parties, you need to contact personal information to locate the specific lease from the parties to service it or to solve problems.

In case you request a service that involves a third-party provider you automatically agree to the transfer of your absolutely necessary personal data, such as name and contact phone number.

You expressly agree to the transfer of provisional data described in the section “Use of Personal Data and Disclosure to Third Parties”


We have taken reasonable, natural and technical means to protect the information we collect in connection with the company’s services.

However, keep in mind that while we take reasonable steps to protect your information and that their security is a priority for the company, no website, no internet transmission, no computer system is completely secure.


The company takes for granted the right of users to know and limit the data held. By law, as a contractor, you have the right to request details about the personal data we collect and to correct any inaccuracies.

Any further legal rights of users remain unaffected. If permitted by law, we may charge you a small fee for providing this feature after the first time it is offered free of charge.

We may refuse to make requests that are unreasonably repetitive, require disproportionate technical effort, jeopardize third-party privacy, are extremely impractical, or involve access that is not required by domestic law.

In general, if you are not a party to the company, we do not hold your personal data. Contact If you would like to request access to your information you can send us a message via the https://thecloudkeys.rentals/contact-us/” form communication of the site.