Exploring Greece's Leading Medical Treatments

Make the best out of your medical trip in Greece

Greece has emerged as a medical tourism hotspot, offering a wide range of popular treatments. While fertility treatments take the top spot, with Greece ranking amongst the leading 5 sought- after destinations for fertility treatments, the country also specialises in ophthalmology, orthopedics, cosmetic surgeries, dental care, post-surgery rehabilitation, and treatment for various health concerns, including obesity, dialysis, and general surgery.
In addition to its prominence in medical tourism, Greece is gaining recognition as a destination for wellness tourism. The country’s favorable climate, coastal location, and the wealth of therapeutic natural springs, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, and holistic well-being. 

This combination of medical and wellness services creates a comprehensive travel experience that appeals to individuals looking to address their health needs while enjoying a holistic journey of self-improvement.

Why Greece?

The most popular medical reasons to visit Greece are fertility treatments in first place, as we already said, but also ophthalmology, orthopaedics, various plastic and cosmetic surgeries, dental issues, rehabilitation and treatment after a serious surgery, special health issues such as: obesity, dialysis and general surgery, traumatology, infectious diseases and otolaryngology or specialized treatments that take place in a tertiary hospital. Not to miss, of course, Wellness and WellBeing Tourism in the plethora of thermal natura springs that the country has, is already an important part of the tourism of modern Greece.
Specifically in the sector of fertility treatments, the recent law change in Greece favours the slightly older women who wish to procreate, as the age limit for women undergoing IVF is raised to 52 years. This change will be in effect until 30 June 2023. It is also important that Greece ranks 5th in the world in fertility tourism.
Some of the main reasons that the above travellers will choose another country from their home-country for medical issues are the use of latest technologies and methods by specialized trained staff, the research of a better human care and attention, the immediate medical care without long waiting lists and, of course, the lowest cost of the medical services.

Quality services

Safety and quality should always be at the forefront of considerations when seeking medical treatments abroad. Greece boasts a well-regulated and accredited healthcare system that is dedicated to delivering secure and effective patient care.

Greek healthcare facilities proudly hold internationally recognised certifications, including ISO 9001, emphasize their commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services, while Athenian based healthcare professionals are distinguished by their extensive expertise and experience in their respective fields. They harness cutting-edge medical technologies and advanced techniques to provide innovative and effective medical treatments.

Low cost high value

Greece’s rise as a prominent destination for medical travelers is driven by the exceptional quality of healthcare services, which come at a notably lower cost compared to other European countries. Moreover, the affordability of accommodation and travel contributes to the overall attractiveness of this option.

Post treatment experience

Greece stands out as a top choice for those seeking a serene and revitalising post-treatment experience. With its picturesque landscapes, therapeutic natural springs, and rich cultural heritage, Greece offers an ideal backdrop for recuperation and rejuvenation. Embrace a peaceful ambiance, savor delectable cuisine, and explore various wellness activities that complement your recovery process. 

Moreover, Greece’s accredited healthcare system ensures that you receive continued high-quality care throughout your recovery journey.