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If you have to visit Athens for medical reasons, either those reasons are some routine medical examinations or something more serious that may take more time, you are in  the right place to book your home in Athens depending on the hospital or medical center you will have your appointments. And after that, you can return to your medical stuff you have to do, not worrying about your visit to Athens, as the Cloudkeys team will take over the rest and will transform your medical trip to Athens in a unique experience.

So, let’s have a tour in our brand new site to help you to get the most out of it:

  1. Visit
  2. If you already know how many people will stay at home and in which area of Athens you want to stay, start by filling the form in the homepage and you will get all apartments in this area. You can choose more than one areas.
  3. Apartments Page: In this page, you can see all the apartments in the area you already chose during your search in homepage. But you can also change easily your filters from here, either the guests or the area you want to stay. If you put your mouse on an apartment without click it (mouse hover) you will see the characteristics of every apartment (area, guests…). If you mouse over the three dots, you will also see the rest of the accessibility characteristics (how many bedrooms, bathrooms, building stairs, stairs inside the apartment). So, if you or another guest has some mobility issues, start your research from here: this one will be your necessary tool for your upcoming trips, medical or not. Here you can also read a quick view of the house with some basic info about the area of the apartment, the apartment itself, as well the nearest hospitals. Just below the picture of every rental, there is the button Compare. This is  a very useful button: if you find two or more apartments you are interested in, but you are not sure which one is the best for your needs. After you press this button in every apartment you want, then go to the Compare apartments icon on the top right of the page to find them together with their characteristics one by one. If you still have questions, you can always drop us a message or a call, and we will be back to you as soon as possible to find together the most suitable home for your needs.
  4. Map Page: Probably the most useful page of the website, and our favorite too, is this one: the medical map page. Even if you already decide which apartment you want to book or you still searching, in this page you can see the exact locations of the apartments on the map, but also -and this is would be really helpful during your medical trip to Athens, you can choose the hospital you want to be and all apartments that are close will appear.
  5. So, I guess now you are one step before you book your home in Athens. And you are in the page of the apartment you are interested in. This is the page you will find all the necessary info about the house. For safety reasons, you won’t see the exact address, but we will communicate with you to inform you about it to set an appointment for your check in, the next moment of your reservation. In the Description tab, you will see the amenities, the sleeping arrangements, house rules, info about the area, reviews from previous guests. And the most important: another map with all the necessary points close to the house you may need during your stay, such as pharmacy, banks, hospitals, doctors, car rentals, gas stations, paid parking stations, museums  etc In the Additional information tab, you will see all the accessibility features of the apartment: those that you’ve already seen quickly on the Apartments Page.
  6. Your Stay Page: In this page your will find some extra services we could offer during your stay in our home. For example, if you are  travelling with your baby, travel light and let us provide all the necessary equipment. If you need an electrical wheelchair, an electrical hospital bed or another accessibility equipment or even air ambulance flights, we know the suitable people for you. The majority of our apartments have their own washing machine and a fully equipped kitchen, but if you don’t have time for your laundry and cooking, and you have to follow a special diet, again we know the right people. Ask us! Are you in a rehabilitation therapy and you want some extra services at home? Ask us to send you a physio, a doctor at home, a wellness therapy.
  7. Medical Travel Page: Some basic info about medical tourism in Greece.  No, you are not alone! Many people become medical travelers in Greece. Learn more about it!
  8. Our Blog Page: A page that is updating often and here you could read news about Athens, useful tips you may need l during your stay, interesting articles about medical tourism etc


Explore our site, try to compare apartments, find out our apartments and book your home in Athens and let a unique hospitality experience start!

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